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Bounty List
Bounties for creature kills are split 60/40 between kill and bury.

When you (or your group) kill a creature, you will each get 60% of the bounty, listed below.  The other 40% will be awarded to the person who buries the creature. This is to promote cleaning up kills (or free money for random corpses you find and bury), to help keep the server clean and running smoothly.

(Many thanks to Pielord for this adjustment to the standard bounty mod!)

For any creature with a special trait like angry, greenish, or champion, you will a percentage of additional bounty on top of the amounts listed below.  So a champion troll will be worth much more bounty than a champion goblin.

All full creature bounties (if you kill and bury) listed here: 

Passive Creatures
Bison - 2c
Bull - 1.5c
Calf - 20i
Chicken - 20i
Cow - 1c
Deer - 50i
Dog - 1c
Hell horse - 3c
Horse - 1.5c
Pheasant - 20i
Pig - 1c
Ram - 1c
Rooster - 20i
Seal - 3c
Sheep -1c
Tortoise - 7c
Unicorns - 5c
Aggressive Creatures
Anaconda - 8c
Black bear - 3c
Black wolf - 3c
Brown bear - 5c
Cave bug - 2c
Crab - 4c
Crocodile - 8c
Dragons - 1s
Goblin - 1c
Hell Scorpious - 10c
Hellhound - 10c
Huge spider - 3c
Large rat - 1c
Lava fiend - 10c
Lava spider - 6c
Mountain lion - 1c
Scorpion - 7c
Tortoise - 5c
Troll - 12c
Uniques - 1s
Wild cat -1 c
Sea Creatures
Blue Whale - 8c
Dolphin - 2c
Huge Shark - 5c
Octopus - 2c
Sea Serpent - 1s
I moved the creature bounty update info to the top of this thread, so that the bounty info is all in one place. Smile

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