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The four ruined cities and existing deeds
Existing Deeds
The kingdom of Ayramor consists of a capital, white and black light temples, a monument dedicated to the explorer who discovered this land, and four cities that lie in ruin from the Third Dragon War which decimated the country side.

The Four Ruined Cities
These cities are not populated at the start of the game. We welcome you to settle near them to take advantage of their available resources and special features. Story followers will enjoy discovering the cities lore. Each of these cities will have mailboxes located within its borders to provide mail service to players within the region.

Haunts of Tiyradon – A mystical city in the southwest founded by Kysos the high priest. He and his flock founded this city as a place of worship and study of the gods. They built an Oracle and Holy Temples where citizens from all four corners of Ayramor traveled to study their faith, choose a religion and be converted.

Ruins of Hylorr – A city established by scholars and professors as a place for citizens to come for higher learning. Hylorr consists of a university lecture hall and a great library that has books and records used for the interactive story lines and games.

Ashes of Moira – A mighty resource city in the northwest in the foothills of The Mountains of Sorrow. This city produced large amounts of mining and timber resources for the kingdom. It is nestled in the heart of abundant woodlands and there is a public mine close by.

Port Herico Remains - A powerful trade hub city in the northeast, named after Prince Herico who would later go on to be king. During his time there, Herico developed this city into the greatest trade hub in the known world.

Etchridge Point – A monument dedicated to Dowston Etchridge, legendary explorer and founder of the lands that would become known as Ayramor.

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