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Ayramor announcement
I would love one more get together.
I should be around for a last event, just toss a notice up on discord.
I loved (the old) Valoria, and Ayramor even more. Was a fun time, even for a not-so-active player like me.

I think i'll move to Eventide, but i am still unsure.
Okay. I wont move to Eventide. Only way to earn money for your starter deed there is to kill creatures. no inspirational moments, and no traders....well, .....
Hey guys!  Yes, we are having one last event for the server!  I will be doing that on July 5 at 2pm.  I hear there will be fireworks and maybe even some flight!  Come and hang out with us and say goodbye to Ayramor   Smile Big Grin Smile
I will try to be there. that's my son's birthday so I'll kind of have to see how it goes.

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