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Server issues
PingPerfect worked on our issues with the new server today.  The problem has been escalated to next level tech support.  In the meantime, you can connect to the server with the IP address and it will work.

use as the IP address now
IP address isn't working now either.  I will let you know when they get it fixed for us
The server seems to be appearing in the Steam list now and also accessible from the IP address (  Please let me know if you have any problems at all getting in.  Thank you!
Is this still a problem?

I'm asking because both yesterday morning and this morning I attempted to log in but was unable to. I don't recall yesterday's error message but today's sounded like it was related to not finding the server.
Last I knew PingPerfect were still tinkering with it.

They're reminding me a lot of this recently because of all the problems...
PingPerfect is still working to see what the problem is with the new hardware. You should be able to get in and play in the meantime. I've been on yesterday and today. They are working on map compiling issues at this point.
Does this sound familiar?

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