Poll: Can you come to the 7pm eastern Slaying on Oct 13?
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Yes I can come
9 90.00%
No I can't be there
1 10.00%
Total 10 vote(s) 100%
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Getting ready... Fight skills
We have a few big baddies on the server that are harder to kill than the usual dragon.  I'd like to give one of them a shot at the anniversary event.  It will depend on who all can come and what are our fight skill levels.  

For just this event, I will also allow alts, IF they have 60 or more FS or they are a Fo healer that can heal people during the fight.  If your alt can do one of these, please bring them to the events.  You can also work on increasing your alts fight skills between now and then.  As long as it is above 60 by event time.  

To plan ahead, please let me know if you can make it to the event.  Please answer the poll above.
The slaying will be the last event of the day, at 7pm changed to 6pm eastern time
Hey guys. I'll need to move the slaying part of the anniversary event to 6pm eastern. This will help make sure that the European guys have a better chance to attend. For the folks that have already answered the poll, please let me know if you need to change your response. Thank you!
I think that's 1 am for me so I don't think I will attend

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