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!!! 2 year Anniversary Event !!! October 13
*!*!*!* 2 Year Ayramor Anniversary Celebration *!*!*!*

Date: Sunday, October 13
Time: 2pm - 8pm eastern time
Meeting Point: Bridge in Andros that leads to the Royal Retreat
Host: MrsB

We will have several different games throughout the day on Sunday, October 13 starting at 2pm eastern time.  
Games will have start times at 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm, etc.  More details to come later.  You do not need to be at all events.  You can come out and join us for as many as you like.  All games will be at the Royal Retreat island.  

We will be giving out some nice prizes to everyone that comes out.  

We will be doing a few events that are fighting events.  So you should bring the usual things, listed below.  
But also bring something you can walk around in at the other events and not feel encumbered/slow.  [Image: smile.png]
  • Bring your tent
  • Weapons & Armor
  • Cotton & Healing Covers
  • Priests - Statuettes and gems with stored favor
See you there!  [Image: smile.png]

Upcoming Events
  Sept 15 Weekend Hunt | Sept 29 Forest Giant | Oct 13 2 Year Anniversary | 2019  Voting Prize 

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