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Forest Giant Slaying - Sept 29, 2pm EST
Forest Giant Slaying!  

Date: Sunday, September 29
Time: 2pm EST
Meeting Point: Outside Livonia
Host: Mrs B

Bring to the fight:
  • Your tent
  • Weapons & Armor
  • Cotton & Healing Covers
  • Fo priests - Statuettes and gems with stored favor
  • a horse to ride in the fight
Don't bring to the fight:
  • Don't bring Pets or Zombies
  • No alts
Please make sure to give yourself enough time to be at the meeting point on time.  

When we are ready we will lead the Forest Giant out and once it is aggro'ed to our tank, we will tell everyone to charge into the fight.  If you require healing, back out of the fight for a moment and let us know in local chat.  If you die, respawn at your tent and run back to your body and jump back into the action.

When the Forest Giant dies please back away from the corpse.  The appointed butcher will grab the corpse and do the butchering.  We will assign a number to everyone that joins the fight and I will do the rolls for the loot (no alts).  We will roll for the best loot first so everyone has a chance to win the good stuff. 

Everyone that joins in the fight will also receive a participation prize, the title "Giantslayer" if you don't already have it, and blood that makes Potion of Woodcutting.  [Image: smile.png]

Hope to see you all there! 
Mrs B

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Screenshot of the event Smile


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