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Carpentry Themed Weekend Hunt - Sept 14 & 15
Carpentry Themed Hunt!

Your possible loot drops: 
  • satchels to hold your participation tokens
  • some good eats  
  • Carpentry themed items
  • small chance for moon metals
  • small chance for rare, supreme or fantastic bone
Your prey:
  • gray horses (so we can get some more of the new horses to spawn!)
  • white chickens (so we can get new chickens to spawn)
  • huge spider
  • troll
Your prizes:
  • 1st and 2nd place will get a Royal Throne + a Banner for your deed
  • Participation prizes - for everyone with at least 15 kills
  • All the stuff that you get with your kills
Event time:
  • Starts around 11pm EST Friday Sept 13 
  • Ends Sunday night around 11pm EST 
  • Mail your tokens to MrsB by Wednesday, Sept 18 
Fine print:  (you can skip if you've done a hunt)  With each kill you will get a token as proof of the kill.  At the end of the event, please put your tokens in a satchel, backpack, or other container and mail them to MrsB.  Please rename your containers(s) with your name.  I've added satchels as loot drops for your convenience.  Mailing the tokens to MrsB will prompt me to send you your participation prize.  

To keep the server running smoothly, please remember to bury your corpses (for your bury bounty!) and pick up all loot and butchered items ("bury all" will bury any items you don't want).  Thank you for your assistance!

Happy Hunting!

Upcoming Events
  Sept 15 Weekend Hunt | Sept 29 Forest Giant | Oct 13 2 Year Anniversary | 2019  Voting Prize 
I missed these!
Thank you to everyone that participated in the event.  It was a fun one!  All tokens have been tallied up. You guys did an amazing job.  We killed a total of 3,941 beasts for this one.  Our 2nd place runner up is Trevor and Random!  Their scores were so close I had to give it to them both.  
And our winner is Toular!  Congratulations!!!  

You can see all the scores here:

All participation prizes have been distributed, satchels returned, rare tokens returned, and supreme bones handed out.  For participation prizes I mailed out satchels with a few small things in them and dropped off a small crate at your token.  The crates have a few planks from some of the bushes that you wouldn't usually be able to make things out of.  So now you can make something out of grapewood, blueberrywood, rosewood, raspberry wood, or lavendarwood.  (Beware some things do not show as a different wood color.)  Enjoy!  

I hope you all had fun

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