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Client mod tutorial
Client mods can enhance you Wurm Unlimited experience.  This is a brief tutorial on how to install client side mods.  While there are many client side mods that are out there, there are some are not permitted to be used on Ayramor.  See the server rules page for a list of them. 

These instructions are assuming you are using a Windows based OS. If you are using a different OS, some information may not be accurate.

In order to install a client mod, the first thing you need to do is install Ago's client mod loader.  It is available here.  Make sure that you install the most current version.  To install it, simply open the zip file and copy the file and mod folder and its contents into your Wurmlauncher folder.  This is typically found at program files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>Wurm Unlimited>WurmLauncher

Next you need to download the mods you want to install.  These can be found at  Keep in mind that some mods are not permitted to be used on Ayramor!  If you are caught using them you will be banned.  Please see the server rules page and if there is any question regarding a particular mod, please ask a staff member if it is acceptable before using it. 

Before making any alterations to the Wurm Unlimited folder on your computer, make sure that Wurm Unlimited is not running.

Make sure you download client mods - server mods will not work.  Once you download a mod, put the mod folder plus the *.properties file in the mod folder.  If there is a *.disabled file instead of a *.properties file, you will need to rename the file to a *.properties.  Make sure you download the most current version of the client mod.

Once you have downloaded all the mods you want to install, go back to the WurmLauncher folder and double click the patcher.bat file.  This will install the mods you have downloaded.

You should now be able to launch the game with the client side mods installed.  If you are unable to launch the game or connect to the server after installing a mod, it might be that the client mod needs updated or is creating a conflict.  If this happens, uninstall the mod and download the most current version.  If you still cannot get the mod to work properly, there may be a conflict with that mod and it will have to be uninstalled until it has been updated.

To uninstall a mod or add additional mods, you will need to do the following:  Go to the WurmLauncher folder and delete the file called client-patched.jar.  Add or remove the mod folder and the appropriate *.properties file from the mods folder.  In your steam library, right-click Wurm Unlimited and select properties.  Under the local files tab, verify the integrity of game files will reset the client to the unmodded state.  Once this is done, rerun the patcher.bat file in the WurmLauncher folder.  This should update the client side mods.

If there is an update to Wurm Unlimited, you will need to reinstall the mods.  To do this, delete the client-patched.jar file from the WurmLauncher folder.  Make sure to check to see if any of your previously installed mods have new versions at and update any that need updated.  This is also a good time to make sure that you have the most current version of Ago's client mod loader.  Once you are sure you have the most current versions, run the patcher.bat file in the WurmLauncher folder.

If you are still having problems with mods, please ask for help in the CA help tab in game.
where can I find a the map Mod that gives you the coords where you are?
To get your coordinates, you can use the compass mod (hover the mouse over the compass once installed):

If you are meaning the actual map then you want live map (This doesn't say coordinates though, just an image of the surrounding area)

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