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Sky's 5 speed hellhorses issue
Howdy, I purchased 2 Hell Horses from "Sky's 5 speed hell horses" merchant stall, and after redeeming the tokens they are still branded to Notty Ash deed. This means I can't hitch them or do anything with them, they are currently roaming free near the front of Andros. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep track of them.

I'm wondering if you could please un-brand them (they are named Warriorchance and Glordydorado), and then I can try to keep them tracked down, or if you could refund my money (8 silver is a big expenditure) please.

Thank you,

Issue half sorted so far. Abi is aware of all ongoings to resolve the issue since we can't seem to unbrand them as Gms Sad
Thanks Pie, and Neko and MrsB. We solved it temporarily by adding me to the animals permissions, but I would still appreciate it greatly if they could be unbranded whenever one of the members of Notty Ash have time.

Thanks again GM team,

They should be unbranded now. I'm so sorry for the trouble.
No worries, things happen. Thanks for sorting it. Big Grin

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