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Server mod issue
Hi all,

Earlier today, the server mod loader failed and didn't load any mods.
The mod loader has since been fixed but the server has already run without key mods and damage has been done.
To prevent further damage while this is worked on the sever is now behind a password.

Depending on the damage, we may need to restore the last backup which was 22.07.19

We all sincerely apologise for any disruption and loss of your hard work on the server and will keep you all informed.
The server has been restored to a backup dating 22.07.19 and is open to all again.

We apologise for any work lost and we're working out the list of those affected in order to try sort some form of compensation.

Thanks for any and all patience and understanding.
We apologize again for the issue.  In compensation, everyone that logged in and did work and that voted for the server during that time has been given 1 silver to your bank account and a "gift card" mailed to you that is worth 2 sleep powders.  To redeem please create a support ticket when a GM is online and we will come to you and exchange the gift card for the sleep powders.  (sleep powders can't be mailed so we need to do it this way)

Thank you all for your continued support of the server!  Smile


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