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Road and Towers[Completed and Paid]
Project Type: Road and Towers

Project Leader:  Kahlan

Builders: Kahlan, Hawktheslayer, Banseph, and Toular (improve towers only)

Location of Project: I ask permission to build a road from my deed at Mithlond to connect to the main highway system. Location of the road will be from approx. coords (270,1305) to approx. coords (482,1305). [212 tiles long]. I also ask permission to build 2 Guard Towers located at approx. coords (275,1305) and (380,1305). Road and towers will be built to required specifications. Thank you for your consideration.

Image of Plan:
Project approved
My project is complete. Please inspect and let me know if any changes are required. Thank you kindly.

All looks goods :-)

Added 11 to Kahlan with detail Roads.
Added 10 to Kahlan with detail Towers.

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