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Southern east to west connection
Project Type: Road connection (roughly 600 tiles)
Project Leader: Nekogami
Builders: Nekogami, Gandalf
Location of Project: 2800/2785 - 3480/2785 (minus 80 tile bridge at 3270/2785 - 3350/2785)
Image of Plan: See attachment

Bridge Builders signup:

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Looks good! Approved Smile

Perhaps we could do a community created bridge there and see if anyone is interested in helping out.
yeah, if we just had some guilds, or something.....

Seriously, sign me up. I'll be glad to help in any way.
The road is currently under construction but I put the bridge landings in first if you wish to create a bridge building event or community bridge project. The total bridge length is 72. Minus 2 landings it should be easy to build it in 2 20 tile and 1 30 tile section or 2 35 tile sections with a 2 tile landing in center.
Road is complete at 600 (605) tiles.
Would be very happy to help with a bridge project, count me in.
I will update the first post to add a signup list of those interested in the bridge building. The middle supports have been added and I will be setting up a base camp of sorts on the west end of the bridge (3260/2780). It would probably be easiest to go with a plain brick bridge so all we need is a clay collector/mortar mixer, brick cutter and a few masons.

Just let me know on here or in game when everyone is available to start and bring your own tools. :-)

Edit: Base camp is setup and first section of bridge is planned. Everyone on list should have access to the wagon of materials there.
Project now complete. Thanks to Elysia, Trevor and Toular for coming out and working hard to get the bridge done.
Wow, so fast. I was planning to help out today
Yeah, great team effort, well done guys.

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