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WTB Chicken Coop
i want to buy a chicken coop. If the price fits (and i am a cheapskate), i am willing to buy more...
30c per 10ql, 60ql max with your choice of wood or make an offer as I am only guessing at a price.
i am ok with that price. I would like a 35ql one (which should be 1s), in green color (Wood from Thorn or from Grape []).
A little clarification. 30ql-39ql is all the same and will hold 3 chickens(1 per 10ql). As for wood, other than GM created, I don't recall seeing any wood from bushes so it wouldn't be possible to use such. Also to my knowledge coops are unable to be painted at this time so one of the general wood types would have to suffice. Sorry if this messes up your ideas but give me a yell if you want to go ahead with a different type. :-)
I found a work-around using a thorn barrel from a treasure map. Green coop is all ready to go. :-)

Dropped it off at the front gate. "You Changed Owner to 'Shiana'", the lock for it is in the mail.
Oh, thanks, many, many times.

I am sure, there is some way to get the bush wood types. once a rasperry bush dropped a log for me, but now, that i actively tried to cut down bushes yesterday, no other bush dropped one. Maybe its a rare drop from bushes... strange those new wood types.

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