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Ayramor Server Rules
Server Rules
Ayramor Rising aims to create a fun friendly environment.  Your assistance with this is very much appreciated.
  1. Please be respectful and polite to other players (ie, don’t be an idiot). 
  2. Don’t grief or hassle other players.  Do not yell in caps at other players.
  3. Only certain client mods are acceptable for use on the server. We will NOT allow the use of max toolbelts, ESP mod, improved improve, no collision, autoclickers, bots or macros. Anyone using them may be banned immediately. If you are not sure if a mod is allowed please ask. Tools such as deed planner and wurm assistant are allowed.
  4. Scammers will not be tolerated.
  5. Disagreements should not be aired in global chat.
  6. Please do not use any unfair methods to gain skills here, such as afk skill gains.  Fair play is our goal.
  7. Follow the instructions from anyone on the staff team.  We are here to help you.  
  8. Global spells such as Rite of Spring and Ritual of the Sun must be approved and announced ahead of time to allow everyone to participate.  Players need to be online to gain benefit.
  9. All players are allowed to have 2 alt characters and 1 main character.  Please let us know of any inadvertent characters created above this limit.  All characters over 3 will be deleted.
  10. All uniques on the server will be killed at community events, organized by the staff.  All slayings are open to the entire server, regardless of skill level.
  11. Do not lure dangerous mobs to the capital or to other players deeds intentionally.  This falls under the griefing category.
  12. Inappropriately named characters or deeds can be disbanded by staff at our discretion. 
  13. Anyone breaking the rules can be muted, warned, and temporarily or permanently banned.
  14. Do not place your own deed(s) to block or otherwise hinder any public resource, public highway/roadway, or any other player's deeds. Anyone found to be doing so may have their deed disbanded without notice, and no refund of costs will be given. This includes clay, peat, tar, tundra resource tiles along with Tundra and Steppes Biomes
  15. Ayramor Rising - Game and chat rules
Note: Your deed is your own! Any other area that does not state 'This is within the village of ....' (including your perimeter) is not. Please don't try to dictate what anyone can do outside your own deed - if in doubt, ask a staff member.
What about general rules for deed and deed-nots, ergs i mean do and do-nots for deeds?

Like deeding a ressource so that no one else can use it (like clay, tar, and so on)? - i would really like to see a rule that forbids deeding on/near such areas
Rule 14 already covers that Shiana Smile

Quote:14. Do not place your own deed(s) to block or otherwise hinder any public resource,...
(10-09-2017, 02:34 AM)Rathsarian Wrote: Rule 14 already covers that Shiana Smile

Quote:14. Do not place your own deed(s) to block or otherwise hinder any public resource,...

Well, that would be interesting to define the term "public".

What's a public ressource? Are all ressources public or public stands for ressources in the Capital which are supposed to be for all players?
Yes Rathsarian is correct, rule 14 covers that. We will expect everyone to use some common sense on this one. If you want to place a deed over some clay/peat/tar that is the only one in a long ways, don't block it. But if there is another one a little ways away, no worries. And there are a lot of resources on the map so we may be all good. Smile
i just remembered on Valoria, where i placed a deed NEAR a ressource, but without blocking it to have easy access to clay, and then a week later a new player joined the server and deeded over "my" ressource, and everyone was ok with it....
Shiana, I can't speak to what happened with that issue since I wasn't involved. But I can tell you that I will always aim to be courteous and fair to everyone.
Could we get the addition of a rule of minimum distance between the no build zone on a new deed and the edge of an existing deed when first settling? 15-20 tiles is fair, not too close and leaves room for expansion on both deeds without being excessive.
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