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Back from a small wurm-timeout
I am back from a small wurm-timeout (about 2 years), and as expected all of my buildings, deed, etc. is gone.
My Char still exists, with all the skills, and everything she had on her body last time i logged in....


Has the main city moved? Andros was much nearer to my deed before, and now it seems to be much more to the east (compass was apparently not on my chars body.... so. coming from my old deed moving left is east for me...) Andros itself seems a bit changed. My memory might be wrong, but there is something different about it....

My vendor in andros is also gone, but i still have the merchant deed. What pains me more is that my bank account seems to be gone too. It says i have no money in the bank, which is either strange - or logical, if my deed just snitfed up all of the remaining money i had - ? did it? clarification please!

Since now i need a new deed or at least a respawn tent asap, but have no money -> anybody wants to buy a merchant contract or an overpriced strange spoon with writings from the 1st Ayramor Event! 2017 on it?  Angel

b.t.w. The Black Bakery will open again. Its just a  matter of time
Hey Shiana, welcome back!

Yes Andros has changed a bit, as the old larger city was causing a lot of lag, also send me a message in game and I can help out with a few silver to get going again. Good to have you back.


First, welcome back and I am sure a lot has changed in that length of time. :-)

As for the deed/money issue, the deeds are free to start and the 3s that goes into upkeep automatically should last a couple months for a small deed. If you are still looking to sell the contract after that instead of holding onto it feel free to hit me up.

Welcome back Smile

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