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Sanity Village now open!
Sanity Village is an average size deed located on the southern coast. It is now open for anyone looking for village life without having to worry about keeping a whole deed going. Although there is no rent, adding to upkeep is always appreciated. Sanity Village offers the following amenities.
  • Fenced in deed for security, to keep domestic animals in and hostiles out.
  • several BIY (build it yourself) lots open in sizes like 3x6,5x5,4x8 and others.
  • Village workshop equipped with everything one needs for crafting.
  • Easy mine access with lots of stuff to level up with.
  • Harvest-able fruit, berry, nuts and grape trees/bushes
  • Farm with all types of crops.
  • Domesticated bees for use in crafting
  • Clay, tar, peat, moss and sand all located on outskirts of deed.
  • Village is connected to the highway system for easy navigation and travel.
  • Access to docks and ocean front.
  • Access to stores in allied deed next door.
  • Access to all light deity altars and priests.
  • Local guard towers for added security.
  • and future pre-fab houses for those not wanting to BIY.
Feel free to come down and look around or just spend a night at the free Inn in Sanity Lost next door.

-Neko Smile

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