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server CAs / GMs
Congrats to our two new members of the Ayramor CAs / GMs!

Francis is a new CA and will continue to help answer questions in game, just with the official title now!  Smile
Nekogami is a new GM and will also continue to help answer questions in game.  He will also be helping approve and pay for road permissions, can help with stuck carts and such, and other GM type duties.

Thank you both so much!!!

The staff team now:

Current GMs
  • MrsB - Owner, GM, Events, etc  
  • Pielord - GM, mod dev, etc
  • Alimok - GM, First to... statues, etc
  • Nekogami - GM, road payouts, etc
  • Tebari - GM
Current CAs
  • Abijah - CA
  • Francis - CA

Congrats to everyone - Now get to work I need cookies lol.
I would love some assistance on mods when Pielord has a few min. I had them before but after the update I haven't had a chance to fix them lol

and Congratulations to everyone!!
Congrats peeps!
Welcome to the staff crew Neko and Francis!

Greenlightning is all sorted with mods too now Smile

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