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Path of love spells unavailable
About 2 weeks ago I started following the meditation Path of Love. However I have no access to any of the spells. Huh I have abandoned it and then selected it again, meditated several extra times on that same tile and on various other tiles too, but to no avail. Vlaicu suggested me posting the issue here to see if anyone has a solution, is this a bug or is there something else that is causing the problem?
It sounds like there is a misunderstanding in how meditation works.

The only spell earn-able in two weeks time is Refresh at rank 4.
This is available by right clicking the body icon in the character panel.

A few questions:
Are you 15+ meditation skill? (This is required to get meditation questions to advance your rank, you can meditate repeatedly to 20 skill then every 30 mins from then)
Are you making/finding special tiles to get asked the question? (Only certain tiles will provide the advancement question)
If so, what meditation rank are you? (As mentioned above, the first spell is rank 4 onwards)

If any of the above information is new then the following links below should help:

Hopefully this helps if it is a misunderstanding Smile
I am on 20+ meditation skill, and I have already picked the Path of Love after meditating on the right tile. But I am not progressing after that, I don't even get the questions that are mentioned here:  Sad

EDIT: we visited the tile again (3rd time) and this time I actually got the 1th out of 12 questions, still no spells but at least we finally made some tiny bit of progress. *fingers crossed*
Today I have received the question that brought me to level 5 (warm) and now I can cast the Refresh spell, so everything is working. Thanks again for the help!  Heart

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