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Taxidermy comes to Ayramor
Taxidermy has been enabled on Ayramor!

Below is the summary for the mod:
  • Adds craftable taxidermy kits that can be used to preserve corpses as decorations.
  • Preserved corpses count as decorations, can be planted and won't decay on deed.
  • Creation of taxidermy kits and preserving both use Fine Carpentry skill. Stronger creatures are harder to preserve and a failure can damage or even destroy the body.
  • When preserving you can choose to use lying model (the normal corpse), butchered model (assuming it exists in the game, otherwise you get generic meat and bones pile) and "animated" mode that looks like the creature standing and doing it's idle animation.
  • By default "animated" costs 1000 karma in addition to the kit

Any issues let us know!
Thanks - this is an awesome mod - me had lots of corpses to animate.
Thanks so much Pielord for getting this mod up and running for us! Very nice addition!!!! Smile

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