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How to earn money & pay for my deed
How do I earn money and pay for my deed?

There are several ways to get some coins on Ayramor Rising.  We've listed them here for you:
  • Deeds are free!!!  you do NOT need to earn money first to start or expand a deed
    But monthly upkeep is enabled

  • Vote for our server and receive 10 copper daily, added directly to your upkeep info here  vote here
    type /voted in game to earn your reward
  • Make items and sell them to other players (bricks, tools, armor, etc) in game or on the forum
    We do not have traders
  • We have bounties on animal kills and on bury. Total amounts, if you kill and bury listed here
  • Earn money for building a road or tower, with permissions here 
  • Forage and/or botanize for a chance of random coins
  • Make lamps and place them on existing roads instructions here
  • Attend events to earn coins and receive participation prizes events & games section

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