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GM Merchants! {in hot pink stalls}
Big Grin 
!!! New GM Merchants !!!

I created a few GM merchants for us in Andros.  These merchants will have hard to find, rare items, and/or miscellaneous other stuff for sale.  I will periodically place new items for sale and/or remove old items to keep things fresh.  Be warned that the prices on these items are set a bit high.  Items for sale:

Standard GM Merchant:  {located under the 1x1 GM Merchant building in Andros town square}
  • Farwalker twig - 5s
  • Farwalker stone - 5s
  • Large Magical Chest - 10s
  • Resurrection stone - 5s
  • Rod of Transmutation - 50s
  • Shaker Orb - 5s
  • Small Magical Chest - 25s

All other merchants are on the east side of the token with a hot pink merchant stall.
Miscellaneous Items GM Merchant: 
  • Personal Merchant Contract - 10s
  • Spyglass - 25s
  • Create or Destroy 1 2x2 Resource Square - clay, tar, peat, moss - 2s
  • Golden Mirror - 1s
  • 100 GM spawned 99ql snowballs - 2s
  • Destroy or Move 1 Lair - 2s
Decorating GM Merchant:  
  • Dragon Hota - 40s
  • Lady of the Lake Hota - 30s
  • Any other Hota - 25s
  • 30 lamps of your choice, 50ql - 10s
  • Change light colors on existing Hota statues - 5s
  • No Decay on one item (like an exotic fish corpse.  No tools, weapon or armor) - 2s
  • No Decay on items on one bookcase - 3s
  • Delete a bunk of unwanted junk (too many rugs from the event where they dropped?) - 1s
Sleep Powder GM Merchant:
  • lots of sleep powders - 5s for 1 sleep powder

Have fun and enjoy!  Smile
Mrs B
does this merchant buy/trade random items?
The merchant will only sell you items in stock. No buying or trading of items from you.
All items updated in top post.  A few new items added!  Smile

Items of note:
  • Create or destroy 1 resource square for you, like clay, tar, peat, or moss (or create but not destroy 1 sand square) - 2 silver
  • Create 100 GM spawned 99ql snowballs for your larder - 2 silver
  • Destroy or move 1 lair away from your deed - 2 silver
  • Change all items on one bookcase to have no decay.  (this works nice for the new empty bookcases that you can place items on.  Some items will decay on these.) - 3 silver
For any of these types of items for sale, you should purchase the tokens from the merchant and then create a /support ticket in game listing what item you need.  A GM will come and take care of it for you and trade for your token.  You'll need to be in game to make the trade.
will you add a lair of choice for 2 s?
At this time we have no plans to add in the ability to add a lair of choice. Sorry about that!
All items listed in the original thread above have been stocked up on the GM Merchants Smile
GM Merchants were added at the Royal Retreat for the 2 year anniversary. They will be available for the next week or so. Those GMs have some really cool unique items stocked, for a price. I added one more item that I meant to have available "Repair damage to any 1 item (that can't normally be repaired)". Come and check them out while they last.

You can see the full list of items here:

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