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GM Merchants! {in hot pink stalls}
Big Grin 
!!! New GM Merchants !!!

I created a few GM merchants for us in Andros.  These merchants will have hard to find, rare items, and/or miscellaneous other stuff for sale.  I will periodically place new items for sale and/or remove old items to keep things fresh.  Be warned that the prices on these items are set a bit high.  Items for sale:

Standard GM Merchant:  {located under the 1x1 GM Merchant building in Andros town square}
  • Farwalker twig - 5s
  • Farwalker stone - 5s
  • Large Magical Chest - 10s
  • Resurrection stone - 5s
  • Rod of Transmutation - 50s
  • Shaker Orb - 5s
  • Small Magical Chest - 25s

All other merchants are on the east side of the token with a hot pink merchant stall.
Miscellaneous Items GM Merchant: 
  • Personal Merchant Contract - 10s
  • Spyglass - 25s
  • Create or Destroy 1 Resource Square - clay, tar, peat, moss (or create but not destroy 1 sand square) - 2s
  • Golden Mirror - 1s
  • 100 GM spawned 99ql snowballs - 2s
  • Destroy or Move 1 Lair - 2s
Decorating GM Merchant:  
  • Dragon Hota - 40s
  • Lady of the Lake Hota - 30s
  • Any other Hota - 25s
  • 30 lamps of your choice, 50ql - 10s
  • Change light colors on existing Hota statues - 5s
  • No Decay on one item (like an exotic fish corpse.  No tools, weapon or armor) - 2s
  • No Decay on items on one bookcase - 3s
  • Delete a bunk of unwanted junk (too many rugs from the event where they dropped?) - 1s
Sleep Powder GM Merchant:
  • lots of sleep powders - 5s for 1 sleep powder

Have fun and enjoy!  Smile
Mrs B
does this merchant buy/trade random items?
The merchant will only sell you items in stock. No buying or trading of items from you.
All items updated in top post.  A few new items added!  Smile

Items of note:
  • Create or destroy 1 resource square for you, like clay, tar, peat, or moss (or create but not destroy 1 sand square) - 2 silver
  • Create 100 GM spawned 99ql snowballs for your larder - 2 silver
  • Destroy or move 1 lair away from your deed - 2 silver
  • Change all items on one bookcase to have no decay.  (this works nice for the new empty bookcases that you can place items on.  Some items will decay on these.) - 3 silver
For any of these types of items for sale, you should purchase the tokens from the merchant and then create a /support ticket in game listing what item you need.  A GM will come and take care of it for you and trade for your token.  You'll need to be in game to make the trade.
will you add a lair of choice for 2 s?
At this time we have no plans to add in the ability to add a lair of choice. Sorry about that!
All items listed in the original thread above have been stocked up on the GM Merchants Smile

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