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Treasure Hunting on Ayramor!!!
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Treasure Hunting on Ayramor!!!

Ayramor Rising has treasure hunting!  Have some fun and earn some goodies!  Treasure maps can drop from various actions like digging, mining, surface mining, fishing and hunting certain creatures (you need to find out which!). Once you find a map, or win one at an event, the hunt is on!
*as of wurm update 1.8 the hunting treasure map drops aren't working.  Hoping for an update soon.

For a guide to treasure hunting, check this thread:

Once you find your treasure share some of the fun.  Let us know what quality map you had, what attacked you, what goodies you received and/or pictures of your adventurers below.  

Happy Hunting!!!

(this top post totally changed by MrsB to separate out instructions and pics.  Rath's awesome instructions are now at link above, in Guides and Tips section)
6.5ql tmap :

Found the spot:

36.5ql map:

Chest found :

Reward :
Forgot to do this earlier:

33.4QL Map

Chest found:
[18:31:27] You start to dig for treasure.
[18:31:40] You find a treasure chest!
[18:31:40] The old Scorpion ambushing Pielord has arrived.
[18:31:40] The aged Hell Hound ambushing Pielord has arrived.
[18:31:40] You are ambushed!

- Returner tool chest contained a 82.86 leather knife
- Barrel contained 0.5kg of source
2.42ql map

returner chest had a 99ql tin hammer.

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Interesting, sounds a lot like the old UO Treasure Map system, looking forward to doing some.
Ql1 Treasure Map
[01:46:59] <Xzal> 7c 46i, 1 barrel of 0.2 source in ql1.0 applewood barrel, 0.03 ql1 glimmer, sleep powder 0.03, and lock pick
Took me all night to travel and find that treasure! Went from Ashes of Moira to north of the mountains on the eastern continent!

1 ql map : 3c, 40i, 1 barrel 0.2 source, sleep powder 0.03 and a lock pick ql1

Ambushed by 4 wild cats and a large rat.
61ql map

[03:10:30] You find a treasure chest!
[03:10:30] The venerable Lava fiend ambushing Rathsarian has arrived.
[03:10:30] The old Crocodile ambushing Rathsarian has arrived.
[03:10:30] The old Rift Beast ambushing Rathsarian has arrived.

Chest contained :
1ql map

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